Welcome To Timeseafood PTY LTD/时光礼赞海味专卖


We dedicate ourselves in sourcing the most natural, organic and foods from Australia and New Zealand for wholesale and export. Here at Time seafood, we only have one objective, that is to offer clean, safe and healthy food to our customers. We focus on sourcing traceable, sustainable ingredients, adhering to the highest production standards, and holding ourselves accountable for the quality of products we sell.

Time seafood pty ltd ‘S sea cucumbers are natural wild sea cucumbers of top quality. Our sea cucumbers grows slowly in deep cold waters, without pollution, isolated from industries and human activities, and are very high in nutriments and active substances. Our sea cucumbers are entirely processed in Australia and respect Australian food standards. Our sea cucumbers do not contain any added sugar, preservative, gelatine, colors, or chemical substances. Our sea cucumbers are the favorite choice for your family and friends.